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Containment Isn't Just For Mold Remediation

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

Contaiment Containment placed at a doorway to assist our crew with focusing only on the affected area that we are drying.

SERVPRO of Hemet, sometimes utilizes the use of containment to escalate drying. During Water Mitigation it is sometimes necessary to tear out saturated drywall instead drying it in place. This could be due to a few different factors. One factor might be that the saturated materials were damaged beyond restoration and could not be dried in place. Another factor may be due to insulation being present inside the walls which would delay drying. After performing the demolition of the saturated drywall we sometimes find that the wood studs are also saturated and need to be dried. If the affected room is too large, we know that it might take longer to dry those studs so it's sometimes necessary to setup containment in order to concentrate our drying efforts to one particular area of the room. Such as depicted in these photos. This technique assists us with speeding up the drying process and helping us achieve pre loss conditions in your home or office quicker.

Advantages of The Emergency Ready App

5/23/2017 (Permalink)

Damage to your home or business can be stressful enough, having to think about what to do and who to call is unneeded stress on top of everything.

SERVPRO offers a "no charge" app to prepare for the worst. It enable you to have an updated assets record, contact lists, and records of important information like roof access points.

Having a source of this important information readily available to who ever is in the building at the time helps SERVPRO get to you even faster so we can reduce the damage and restore more rather than replace.